Jukebox is a male wrestler at ESW. He's 62', and he weighs 210 pounds, and comes from Oregon.

Theme Song:Edit

His theme song is Welcome to the jungle by Guns n' Roses.


He's goofy, carefree, easily distracted, but he's serious when he needs to be

Crowd Control:Edit

He has 36% of the crowd, cheering him.


He wears black and green checkered tights, with white boots.


  • Clothesline
  • Bulldog
  • Turnbuckle Body Splash
  • Springboard Hurricarana
  • Phoenix Splash
  • Dropkick
  • Corkscrew Clothesline
  • Boston Crab
  • Triple Hurricarana
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Super Kick

Signature Move:Edit

His signature move is the Spyral Trap. It's a very devastating move from the top rope.

The Top Ten Moves Of Spyral (BKNY)01:46

The Top Ten Moves Of Spyral (BKNY)

It starts off as something like the Styles Clash inverted into a backflip, which causes a lot of damage to the opponent.

Finishing Move:Edit

He uses the Orange Crush Powerbomb, and the Omega Driver.

Title History:Edit

He doesn't hold shit.

Fight History:Edit

He won the title at King's Crown 2011.


He taps his elbows, like in the movie, The Wrestler.


He does several clotheslines in a row, and then does a big boot.

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